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Now 4 Life Clean Water Solutions
Saving Lives with clean water solutions
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Saving Lives with clean water solutions

Clean Water -   many technologies available  .................."

For the cost and effectiveness our reccomendation is to use the Bio Sand filter

Solar The cheapest is solar, put water in clear plastic bottles in the sun for 2-4 hours .  

Many simple inexpensive clean water technologies have been available for years.

Biosand - Inexpensive  and effective. They are made with layers of sand and gravel. The top few centimeters of the sand trap the bulk of micro-organisms, which accumulate and develop into a highly active food chain, called the Biological Layer or Schmutzdecke. This biological layer traps and feeds on the micro-organisms and contaminants in the water.

Ceramic filters are molded which filter out particles, and coated with a silver colloid that kills bacteria.

Chemicals - Chlorine, effective, does not take out turbidity, has taste

Ultraviolet light - Very effective, but expensive and requires electrical power

"Clean Water in a Box" Providing packaged ("box") solutions, ideas, tools to help individuals and organizations develop businesses that can deliver sustainable clean water solutions