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Now 4 Life Clean Water Solutions
Saving Lives with clean water solutions
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Saving Lives with clean water solutions

Business Models -   businesses provide sustainability  ...

"Clean Water in a Box" Providing packaged ("box") solutions, ideas, tools to help individuals and organizations develop businesses that can deliver sustainable clean water solutions

Starting a business to sell filters seems to be the most sustainable model
 1. Paying for the filter is incentive for the user to keeping it working 
2. Businesses can provide important hygiene training.
3. Businesses provide a supply chain for service or filter repair.
4. Businesses provide all important jobs

Best Practices
We have found many ways of getting filters into communities by selling filters. Here are some of the best practices we have found work.................

 Health Promoter distribution One of the more successful practices is to use local health promoters as sales agents. Health NGO's train local people as "Health Promoters" that act as first response, general consultation on medical issues when there is no doctor available.

Mission Project - Start a business as a mission project

Peace Corps channel - Enlisting Peace Corps volunteers to sell filters

Filter distributor model - Setting up a filter distributor business

We are suggesting starting water/hygiene businesses that provide  clean water health solutions that are  sustainable.
Check out the tools to start these businesses.