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Now 4 Life Clean Water Solutions
Saving Lives with clean water solutions
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Saving Lives with clean water solutions

"Clean Water in a Box" Providing packaged ("box") solutions, ideas, tools to help individuals and organizations develop businesses that can deliver sustainable clean water solutions

"Clean Water in a Box" - "boxed tools to help people help themselves"...........

About Us

Now4Life is a non-profit, humanitarian organization, dedicated to saving lives by providing clean water solutions to families in impoverished communities worldwide.

Our strategy is to provide the tools and ideas for individuals and organizations to implement local water filter businesses in impoverished communities worldwide. We have negotiated volume prices on filter assembly components to keep the price of the filter low.  

Individual family water filters work, and along with proper hygiene save lives and make people healthy and productive.

We believe that you can increase sustainability of installed individual water filters by selling them rather than gifting them.  The idea is that if people buy a filter, they will value it and take care of it. The business also provides a service and parts channel to keep the filters working. A business also creates all important local jobs.

You are welcome to have any and all of the Now4Life material on this web site.
We do ask one thing, please give us your feedback so we may do a better job.

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